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Dynatek Coil On Plug DCOP
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GB Racing Swingarm Spools Universal 10 x 1.25mm Thread/Precision Injection Molded/Most Kawasaki Models

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Universal - 10 x 1.25mm Thread

Precision Injection Molded
High Impact/Low Wear

Most Kawasaki Models
ER6 2006-2014
ZX6R 2007-2013
ZX10R 2008-2010

Part#: BA12-10-GBR-SET

GB Racing Swingarm Spools

GB Racing Swingarm Spools

ZX14R ZX-14R
GB Racing Swingarm Spools - Universal 10 x 1.25mm Thread/Precision Injection Molded/Most Kawasaki Models
Please verify your application before ordering! GB Racing injection molded 60% long fiber nylon swingarm spools provide the ultimate in protection for your machine! The tough long glass fibered nylon is a high impact material that is designed to absorb energy without cracking in most situations. Designed to be installed in the existing swingarm bungs. Please verify the thread pitch and diameter before ordering.

RSV Mille**

ZX 6R Ninja 1998-2011**
ZX 9R Ninja 1998-2003
ZX 10R Ninja 2004-2010**
ZX 14 Ninja 2006-2011
ZX 14R Ninja 2012-2013
ZRX 1100 1999-2000**
ZRX 1200 2001-2005**
ZR 1000 Z1000 2003-2013
EX 250 Ninja 2008-2013
EX 650R Ninja 2006-2013**
ZX 6R Ninja 

990 Superduke
690 Duke

FZR Models
TZ 250 Models

** PLEASE NOTE - Some Kawasaki swingarm spool bungs are set back and are not flush with the sides of the swingarm, washers or spacers may be required and not provided in this kit. Please call if you have any questions.

GB Racing Secondary Engine Covers are manufactured from our High Impact, Reduced wear, Injection Moulded 60% LONG GLASS fibre nylon 6.6 Engineering materials. Extensive research, testing and development has allowed us to create a unique High Quality product range.

This process offers greater design flexibility, allowing greatly reduced costs, compared to similar Carbon fibre / Kevlar & Billet Aluminum covers.  All our products bolt directly over the existing stock covers, simplifying assembly, negating the need for awkward and difficult to remove adhesives.  As an injection moulded process we are able to design optimum aesthetics, enhancing the overall look of the engine covers and the bike. Not only do we manufacture Secondary Engine Covers for the Stock covers, we also manufacture some Secondary Engine Covers for the factory Kit covers, normally used on Superbikes.

GB Racing Swingarm Spools Reviews

GB Racing Swingarm Spools fits the following vehicle(s):
  • RSV 1000 Aprilia Sport
  • EX 250 Ninja Kawasaki Sport
  • EX 650 Ninja Kawasaki Sport
  • ZX 10R Ninja Kawasaki Sport
  • ZX 14 Ninja Kawasaki Sport
  • ZX 14R Ninja Kawasaki Sport
  • ZX 6R Ninja Kawasaki Sport
  • ZX 9R Ninja Kawasaki Sport
  • Z 1000 Kawasaki Standard
  • ZRX 1100 Kawasaki Standard
  • ZRX 1200 Kawasaki Standard
  • FZR 1000 Yamaha Sport
  • FZR 600 Yamaha Sport
  • TZR 250 Yamaha Sport
[All vehicle fits]