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Dynojet Power Vision Target Tune Kit
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K-Tech Suspension Bullit Rear Shocks Harley Davidson Sportster Models/Black Body + Shaft

Price: $895.00 (USD)
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Harley Davidson 
Sportster Models / Twin Shocks


Bullit Shocks (pair)
Forged Aluminum Body
CNC Machined
Black Anodized Body
Nitrogen Gas Pressurized
Springless Technology
Black Shaft

Part#: 220B-120

K-Tech Suspension Bullit Rear Shocks

K-Tech Suspension Bullit Rear Shocks

K-Tech Suspension Bullit Rear Shocks - Harley Davidson Sportster Models/Black Body + Shaft
The Bullit shocks are precision crafted from forged aluminum and CNC machined for low weight, great strength, and beautiful looks. The nitrogen gas charged Bullit shocks offer the latest in suspension technology in a springless system, for amazing ride quality, enhanced control and subtle rider feedback. Large diameter shafts are available in chrome, gold, or black to suit your style. The large diameter shaft allows for greater fluid and nitrogen capacity for enhanced damping control, and give the Bullit a strut visual appeal.

The Bullit shocks allow you to enjoy an improved ride with or without a passenger or luggage, around town, on the back roads, or on the highway. You want performance with clean, simple good looks? The Bullit shocks deliver! 

Available to fit all twin shock Harley-Davidson models, as well as Triumph twin shock machines in three standard lengths: 11.5" / 12.5" / 13.5" (eye to eye). Please select length from pull down menu - (shorter lengths will have less stroke). Fully serviceable and rebuildable.

Combine these Bullit shocks with the new Tracker fork cartridges for a complete chassis upgrade from the masters at K-Tech Suspension!


Sample close up images:

K-Tech Suspension Bullit Rear Shocks Reviews

K-Tech Suspension Bullit Rear Shocks fits the following vehicle(s):
  • Dyna Models 2004 Harley Davidson
  • Sportster Models 2004 Harley Davidson
  • Touring Models 2004 Harley Davidson
  • Dyna Models 2005 Harley Davidson
  • Sportster Models 2005 Harley Davidson
  • Touring Models 2005 Harley Davidson
  • Dyna Models 2006 Harley Davidson
  • Sportster Models 2006 Harley Davidson
  • Touring Models 2006 Harley Davidson
  • Dyna Models 2007 Harley Davidson
  • Sportster Models 2007 Harley Davidson
  • Touring Models 2007 Harley Davidson
  • Dyna Models 2008 Harley Davidson
  • Sportster Models 2008 Harley Davidson
  • Touring Models 2008 Harley Davidson
  • Dyna Models 2009 Harley Davidson
  • Sportster Models 2009 Harley Davidson
  • Touring Models 2009 Harley Davidson
  • Dyna Models 2010 Harley Davidson
  • Sportster Models 2010 Harley Davidson
  • Touring Models 2010 Harley Davidson
  • Dyna Models 2011 Harley Davidson
  • Sportster Models 2011 Harley Davidson
  • Touring Models 2011 Harley Davidson
  • Dyna Models 2012 Harley Davidson
  • Sportster Models 2012 Harley Davidson
  • Touring Models 2012 Harley Davidson
  • Dyna Models 2013 Harley Davidson
  • Sportster Models 2013 Harley Davidson
  • Touring Models 2013 Harley Davidson
  • DYNA MODELS 2014 Harley Davidson
  • Sportster Models 2014 Harley Davidson
  • Touring Models 2014 Harley Davidson
  • DYNA MODELS 2015 Harley Davidson
  • Sportster Models 2015 Harley Davidson
  • Touring Models 2015 Harley Davidson
  • DYNA MODELS 2016 Harley Davidson
  • Sportster Models 2016 Harley Davidson
  • Touring Models 2016 Harley Davidson
  • All Sportster Models Harley Davidson Sportster
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