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Dynojet Power Vision Target Tune Kit Harley Davidson Street 500 + 750 Models 2015/ Full Kit

Price: $449.99 (USD)
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Harley Davidson

TT-6 Full Kit:
Street 500 Models 2015
Street 750 Models 2015

Target Tune Module
Wideband O2 Hardware
Y-Adaptor Cable

Part#: TT-6

Dynojet Power Vision Target Tune Kit

Dynojet Power Vision Target Tune Kit

Dynojet Power Vision Target Tune Kit

Dynojet Power Vision Target Tune Kit - Harley Davidson Street 500 + 750 Models 2015/ Full Kit
Warning: This product is intended to be used on racing vehicles on closed courses, and not for use on roads or vehicles otherwise subject to emission control requirements. NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE IN CALIFORNIA ON ANY POLLUTION CONTROLLED MOTOR VEHICLE. NOT LEGAL FOR SALE OR USE ON ANY EPA POLLUTION CONTROLLED MOTOR VEHICLE. For a Street Approved* Power Commander product, please click here.
Introducing the latest evolution of engine management from Dynojet! With the ability to work with the OEM closed loop fuel control system on all 2007 and later Harley Davidson motorcycles, the Target Tune brings performance enthusiasts the solution they have been asking for! 

The Dynojet Target Tune offers Harley Davidson owners the ability to extend the features of Power Vision and take the ECM signal and tune to a target Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR). This provides closed loop mapping based on your wideband O2 sensors - for incredible precision in fuel delivery under any conditions.

The target fuel table from the tune is mapped in real time with the Target Tune - no delay! The Target Tune does not alter or interfere with dealer diagnostic or service tools, and because it installs with OEM connectors, it is clean and easy to get up and running. 

Models to fit all 2007 and newer Harley Davidson motorcycles. Full kits include Target Tune Module, wideband O2 hardware, Y-adaptor cable, and everything needed for a complete installation. Upgrade kits include the Target Tune module only, and are intended for applications where a Power Vision Auto Tune had been previously installed. Power Vision systems are not included with either Target Tune kit and are available separately.


Dynojet has evolved the OEM closed loop, adaptive fuel control system on your Harley Davidson to meet the needs of performance enthusiasts.

Dynojet's new Target Tune is an exciting new product that can add a dimension to your Harley-Davidson's® ECM. When paired with a Target Tune specific calibration flashed by a Power Vision (not included), your ECM will run closed loop fuel control based on wideband O2 sensors.

The Power Vision delivered calibration changes the coding in the ECM to "understand" the wideband signal (from the Target Tune) and allows the ECM to accurately achieve the target air/fuel ratio (AFR).

Key Features
  • Allows the factory ECM to interpret and use wideband o2 sensor signals*
  • Target fuel table from the calibration/tune is achieved in real time
  • Retains OEM closed loop, adaptive fuel control strategy
  • Learns and uses VE table corrections as you ride
  • Does NOT interfere with dealer diagnostic/service tools
  • Includes OEM style connectors to plug into factory o2 harness, either 2 or 4 pin versions
  • Fits 2007 and newer Harley-Davidson® Bikes
* Requires Power Vision Target Tune specific calibration 


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Dynojet Power Vision Target Tune Kit Reviews

Dynojet Power Vision Target Tune Kit fits the following vehicle(s):
  • All Street 500 Models Harley Davidson Street 500
[All vehicle fits]