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CP Pistons Forged Piston Kit
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Now In: Dyno Charts For Orient Express Projects, Race Bikes, And Customer Machines

Dyno Chart Page 

Click the links below to see assorted dyno charts from our in house development, testing and tuning on the Dynojet 250i dynomometer.

Click Here - 2012 Honda CBR 1000RR - Here is a great example of why a custom built map is worth the time and effort! Three dyno runs shown in the chart. Run 004 is the bone stock machine, for a baseline set of numbers. Afterwards, Joe installed a full Brock's exhaust, block off plates, BMC air filter, a Power Commander IRC module, and a Bazazz ZFi with included map. Run 006 shows the gains from those mods. Then Joe started to create a custom map. The result is run 033 - huge gains over stock and the first map from idle to redline!  - 173.10 horsepower & 84.61 ft/lbs of torque!

Click Here - 2002 Harley Davidson Fat Boy - ProCharger added to a 96" Screaming Eagle motor by Joe Hahn, with upgraded intercooler. Dyno tuned and makes great power - awesome upgrade in a bolt on kit! Visit our Facebook page for a gallery of pictures - Click Here121.39 horsepower & 109.14 ft/lbs of torque!

Click Here - 2012 BMW S1000RR - Remapped Power Commander V. Customer complained about flat spot in midrange. Found a lean condition and corrected. Picked up some significant horsepower and torque as well. Full Brock's exhaust, high flow air filter, and Power Commander V on otherwise stock bike. - 202.86 horsepower & 88.29 ft/lbs of torque!

Click Here - 2012 Victory Cross Country - Dyno tune and custom mapping for a local customer. Machine has Victory Stage 1 exhaust and air cleaner, with Power Commander V to control fuel mapping. Impressive gains from idle to redline, more power everywhere - and the customer is very happy with how the bike runs - which is what is most important. Click the link to view a dyno chart and some images of the bike. - 94 horsepower & 106 ft/lbs of torque!

Click Here - 2012 Kawasaki ZX 14R Ninja - Project bike for a drag racing customer, includes multiple dyno charts, images, and information. Muzzy stainless steel M10 Megaphone exhaust, Power Commander V with custom maps, Orient Express Next Up kill box, Orient Express Air Shifter kit, Tiger Racing undertail, DME extended swingarm, Orient Express dual fogger dry nitrous kit, and more! - 271 horsepower & 146 ft/lbs of torque!

Click Here - 2008 Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa Turbo - Orient Express Stage 1 Turbo Kit (previously installed at OER) at 12psi of boost, upgraded bottom end with Carrillo connecting rods, stock bore JE Pistons, stock cylinder head. This custom painted street bike is an ANIMAL!!! 321.5 Horsepower, and 158.3 ft/lbs of torque. Long-time customer loves to stretch the throttle cables!

Click Here - 2008 Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa - TiForce 4-2-1 titanium full exhaust, Power Commander PCIIIUSB, 1440cc big bore kit, Orient Express hand ported and polished street cylinder head, .395"/.378" cams, adjustable cam sprockets, heavy duty valve springs, Pro Mod studs and nuts, manual cam chain tensioner, K&N air filter - 232 horsepower & 132 ft/lbs of torque!

Click Here - 2008 Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa - TiForce 4-2-1 titanium full exhaust, Power Commander PCIIIUSB, DNA high flow air filter - 195 horsepower!

Click Here - 2008 Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa - BigCC Racing Stage 1 Modular Turbo, from the 2008 turbo build gallery of images - 263.9 horsepower!

Click Here - 2008 Kawasaki ZX 10R Ninja - 2mm over big bore piston kit, Akrapovic 4-2-1 stainless exhaust, Power Commander PCIIIUSB, K&N air filter - 203 horsepower!

Click Here - 2008 Honda CBR 600RR - TiForce 4-2-1 titanium full exhaust, Power Commander PCIIIUSB, K&N air filter - 118.6 horsepower!

Click Here - 2006 Kawasaki ZX 14 Ninja - Stock Engine, Orient Express Titanium Full Exhaust, Power Commander PCIIIUSB, Quick Shifter, Multi Function Hub, Dual Position Map Switch, Secondary Butterflies Removed, Orient Express Dual Fogger NOS Dry Shot Kit (2 0.036 Jets, Relay Activated Through Power Commander - Over 80% Throttle after 7000 RPM) - 264.38 horsepower!

Click Here - 2002 Suzuki SV 650 - Stock engine was expanded to 677cc, hand ported cylinder heads, camshafts, and 39mm Keihin flat slide carburetors installed. Stock motor had Leo Vince full exhaust system, with standard airbox. Results are an impressive 88.88 horsepower and 53.94 ft/lbs of torque with a nice flat curve. Great road race motor for a local customer.

The Orient Express dyno chamber is a state of the art room, featuring tremendous ventilation and with a Dynojet 250i dyno.