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Full Spectrum Power

Full Spectrum Power

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Maintenance Charger For Lithium Cells
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The Pacemaker is the only maintenance charger specifically designed to work with lithium lightweight motorcycle batteries. Pacemaker will work with our award winning Pulse and Genesis battery systems. Pacemaker is fully automatic, ensuring that your lightweight battery is always properly charged. LED indicator lights alert you to the state of charge of your system at a glance.



The Pacemaker charger will work with all Full Spectrum Power battery systems as well as most other 12v lithium lightweight motorcycle batteries.



4" x 2" x 1"


Charging Your Battery

All Full Spectrum Power battery systems come fully charged and ready to install. Even if left on the shelf for 6 months your new battery system will be within 95% of full capacity. You do not need to charge your new battery system prior to installation. Lithium batteries will discharge with even a small draw - it is recommended that you disconnect your battery if the motorcycle will not be used for more than 3 days.


Should you manage to discharge your battery somehow, you have a few choices to get it recharged.

  • Automotive type battery charger providing 5 amps for 15 minutes.
  • Return to your FSP dealer. They should have a FSP charger and will do this.
  • Buy a charger specifically designed to work with your battery system. If you are using a P3 or P4 in a total loss system, it is highly recommended that you also buy the SPDSC-CV1 Continuously Variable charger. If you are using a standard installation (with OEM charging system active), the Pacemaker maintance charger is an excellent choice.
  • Other chargers are only to be used in an emergency.

Remember that once running, a motorcycle will mostly use the alternator/generator to power everything else on the bike; headlights, ECU, CDI, PC3, etc.


As a general rule this means that you should understand that you will have to pay closer attention to your FSP battery system than your average lead-acid battery.


Why not use a Battery Tender?


We strongly discourage the use of Battery Tender (and similar) devices on all of our battery systems. Over time, these devices can damage your Full Spectrum Power lithium ferrous battery system. Consider what happens when you leave a cell phone on a charger all the time - the battery loses significant capacity and its life span is shortened.


If you experience problems with your battery, please contact us directly.

Manufacturer Info

Did you know the same exact battery that powers Ryan Dungey's KTM, Kenan Sofuoglu's Kawasaki, and HTP Performance's Suzuki is an off-the-shelf, no-compromise battery solution available to all? When championships are on the line, and performance is the only thing that matters, Full Spectrum Lightweight batteries are a great choice. Fanatical attention to detail, performance and quality -- we’ve been quite impressed with both the reliability and durability of Full Spectrum batteries.