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Sato Racing Helmet Lock

Sato Racing Helmet Lock

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Sato Racing has re-invented the concept of the helmet lock with this handlebar mounted system that fits most machines on the market today. The CNC machined billet aluminum bracket replaces the C-shaped piece that holds your front brake or clutch master cylinder in place. Some versions include mirror mount threads in 8mm or 10mm (please check description carefully). The lock assembly then attaches to the bracket, and includes two keys. By securing your helmet to the handlebar, you keep it away from chain, tire, and exhaust filth, as well as the ground. Two base plate versions are available, with 32mm bolt centers, or 36mm - PLEASE measure your bolt centers before ordering, or contact us with any questions.

Manufacturer Info

Sato Racing is a boutique manufacturer of unique specialty parts for sport bikes. Sato Racing known for their premium quality lightweight Rear Sets, Delrin-based Frame and Axle Sliders, and Racing Hooks are all designed and manufactured at their state-of-the-art production facility in Osaka, Japan. Sato Racing’s in-house design and limited production scale contributes to a high quality handcrafted feel, and allows them the flexibility to quickly develop and offer parts for relatively rare bike models that other aftermarket parts makers tend to overlook.