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Dunlop Dragmax Tire

Dunlop Dragmax Tire

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DRAGMAX - 190/50-17 - R0088
Introducing Dunlop’s new Dragmax’s Drag Tire with extremely flat profile, ultra-soft compound, and N-Tec Drag racing specific construction (dubbed “MGT” / Maximum Grip Technology). The Dragmax's performance advantages are apparent from the starting line to finish line and everywhere in between.

The Dragmax tire design includes many considerations and improvements for Drag Bike specific performance.
Design elements include:
*Significantly reduced unsprung and rotational weight/mass with improved stability in mind. Weight savings of nearly 1 lb over closest competitor.
*Thinner tread gauge depth to reduce blistering and chunking with temperature extremes.
*Minimal centrifugal growth to keep a consistent  footprint which also reduces the risk of de-beading.
*Made in the U.S.A
Sorry! No warranty on tires used in racing, other competitions or in excess of legal speed limits.
Size: 190/50ZR17
Weight: 12.1Lbs
Load/Speed Index: (73W)
Part Number: 45246215
Applicable Rims: 5.50, 6.00
Overall Diameter: 24.92″
Overall Width: 7.56″
Full Tread Depth: 5/32
Maximum Load at PSI: 805 at 42
* Optimum inflation pressure varies from track to track, depending upon surface conditions and machine type and size. A good starting point to adjust (typically up) from is 11 PSI.


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