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K-Tech Suspension Shock Tools

K-Tech Suspension Shock Tools

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$318.88 (USD)
213-100-045 57mm Friction Ratchet
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K-Tech front fork and shock absorber tools are designed to help suspension technicians to improve efficiency in their workshops. All tools are designed with the experience of over twenty years in the suspension industry to enable users to work effectively and safely.
Kit includes:
213-211-180 - Gedore Friction Rachet No.31/10" 57mm dia Head
213-235-042 - Gedore 57mm Friction Rachet Insert 42mm
213-235-047 - Gedore 57mm Friction Rachet Insert 47mm
213-235-050 - Gedore 57mm Friction Rachet Insert 50mm
213-235-052 - Gedore 57mm Friction Rachet Insert 52mm
213-235-053 - Gedore 57mm Friction Rachet Insert 53mm

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100% Commitment -- 100% Confidence. Designed with winning in mind! For over 20 years K-Tech has built on their incredible success in global road racing and motocross racing championships, constantly evolving and providing championship winning products.


It starts with passion and a dedicated R&D team who are constantly developing new and innovative product. K-Tech Suspension is a premium ISO 9001 accredited brand providing solutions whether it be at the highest level of motorsport or your daily cruiser.