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Sato Racing Swingarm Spools

Sato Racing Swingarm Spools

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Swingarm spools allow you to use a stand to lift and support the rear of the bike. This makes chain maintenance easier, as well as wheel and tire changes. Sato Racing swingarm spools are carefully crafted from delrin to be light weight and offer some protection as well. Stainless steel hardware provided.

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Manufacturer Info

Sato Racing is a boutique manufacturer of unique specialty parts for sport bikes. Sato Racing known for their premium quality lightweight Rear Sets, Delrin-based Frame and Axle Sliders, and Racing Hooks are all designed and manufactured at their state-of-the-art production facility in Osaka, Japan. Sato Racing’s in-house design and limited production scale contributes to a high quality handcrafted feel, and allows them the flexibility to quickly develop and offer parts for relatively rare bike models that other aftermarket parts makers tend to overlook.