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K-Tech Suspension 35DDS Pro Rear Shock

K-Tech Suspension
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#255-011-030-020 S1000RR 10-11/Fully Adjustable/Includes ByPass Valve

Part #:255-011-030-020
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BMW? S 1000RR 2010-2011 35mm Displacement Piston 32mm Control Piston Fully Adjustable Rear Shock Compression Damping (32 Clicks) Rebound Damping (32 Clicks) Hydraulic Spring Preload Adjuster K-Tech Bypass Valve Shock Length Adjustment
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The K-Tech DDS "Pro" rear shock has been designed for use at the highest level of racing and developed in major championships around the world. Like all other K-Tech products it has been designed and manufactured in the UK using the latest design software and highest grades of materials. As you would expect from a high quality racing product, the DDS "Pro" features compression and rebound damping adjustment, length adjustment and hydraulic spring preload adjustment. It also features our unique ByPass Valve adjuster which controls both compression and rebound damping adjustment to assist with chassis control at low velocity shock movement to enhance tyre feel and grip. The DDS system uses a smaller piston rod which keeps the system more stable over a wider temperature range due to its small displacement. Damping is controlled by a 32mm piston which allows the use of larger shims for improved feel.

5 way adjustable

32 clicks compression adjustment

32 clicks rebound adjustment

16 clicks BPV adjustment

Hydraulic spring preload adjustment

Length adjustment

CNC machined components

DDS technology

Potentiometer mounting points

Wide range of spring rates available

Used at the highest levels of racing including British Superbike and Isle of Man TT



    100% Commitment -- 100% Confidence. Designed with winning in mind! For over 20 years K-Tech has built on their incredible success in global road racing and motocross racing championships, constantly evolving and providing championship winning products.


    It starts with passion and a dedicated R&D team who are constantly developing new and innovative product. K-Tech Suspension is a premium ISO 9001 accredited brand providing solutions whether it be at the highest level of motorsport or your daily cruiser.

    K-Tech Suspension 35DDS Pro Rear Shock fits the following vehicle(s):

    • 2009 BMW S1000RR
    • 2010 BMW S1000RR
    • 2011 BMW S1000RR
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