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APE Cam Chain Tensioner

APE Cam Chain Tensioner
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#CBR6-014 CBR 600F 86-90/CBR 600F2 91-94/CNC Machined/Billet Aluminum

Part #:CBR6-014
Availability:Usually Ships in 2-3 days
Honda CBR 600F 1986-1990/CBR 600F2 1991-1994/CNC Machined/Billet Aluminum
MSRP: $65.95 (USD)
When it comes to heavy duty fasteners, valve train and cylinder head components, APE products are the benchmark for performance and quality.

APE Cam Chain Tensioner fits the following vehicle(s):

  • 1987 Honda CBR600F
  • 1988 Honda CBR600F
  • 1989 Honda CBR600F
  • 1990 Honda CBR600F
  • 1991 Honda CBR600F2
  • 1992 Honda CBR600F2
  • 1993 Honda CBR600F2
  • 1994 Honda CBR600F2
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