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K-Tech Suspension ORVS Fork Piston Kit

K-Tech Suspension
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#117-450-027-001 X-TRAINER 250/300 2016-2023

Part #:117-450-027-001
Availability: If not in stock, this usually ships within 10 days.
117-450-027-001 X-TRAINER 250/300 2016-2023
MSRP: $420.00 (USD)
The Off Road Valve System is a direct replacement for the  X-TRAINER cartridge systems internals. The ORVS includes complete compression and rebound assemblies with new pistons and finer adjustment needles to improve damping response time for all terrains including sand, hard pack and rocks, increasing grip, cornering & maximizing overall ride quality and stability for a safer and more positive control of the motorcycle.
Designed and manufactured in the UK
Tighter tolerance for improved performance over original equipment parts
Improved adjustment range
Complete assemblies for ease of fitment
Increase comfort and confidence
The ORVS Piston kits are only available through K-Tech authorized dealers who have been trained to install these products, there are specialist tools and techniques required to guarantee performance and safety of this product.


100% Commitment -- 100% Confidence. Designed with winning in mind! For over 20 years K-Tech has built on their incredible success in global road racing and motocross racing championships, constantly evolving and providing championship winning products.


It starts with passion and a dedicated R&D team who are constantly developing new and innovative product. K-Tech Suspension is a premium ISO 9001 accredited brand providing solutions whether it be at the highest level of motorsport or your daily cruiser.

K-Tech Suspension ORVS Fork Piston Kit fits the following vehicle(s):

  • 2016 Beta X-Trainer 250
  • 2017 Beta X-Trainer 250
  • 2018 Beta X-Trainer 250
  • 2019 Beta X-Trainer 250
  • 2020 Beta X-Trainer 250
  • 2021 Beta X-Trainer 250
  • 2022 Beta X-Trainer 250
  • 2016 Beta X-Trainer 300
  • 2017 Beta X-Trainer 300
  • 2018 Beta X-Trainer 300
  • 2019 Beta X-Trainer 300
  • 2020 Beta X-Trainer 300
  • 2021 Beta X-Trainer 300
  • 2022 Beta X-Trainer 300
  • 2023 Beta X-Trainer 300
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