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APE Titanium Valve Spring Retainers

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#1300-0T4 GSX 1300R 99-18/ High Strength/Lightweight

Part #:1300-0T4
Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa 1999-2018 Titanium For Reduced Reciprocating Weight Precision Machined Requires Heavy Duty Springs
MSRP: $245.95 (USD)
APE valve spring retainers are machined from aircraft quality titanium bar stock on the latest state of the art computerized CNC machinery. CNC machining allows APE to offer such advantages as bored taper keeper holes for exact keeper fit. Special gauging fixtures allow dimensions to be held close to provide exact installed heights when assembling the cylinder head.

The stock retainers for the Hayabusa are aluminum and not nearly as strong as titanium. Although they seem to work fine in stock motors, as soon as you increase the spring load above what the factory designed the stock retainers, for you run the risk of pulling the valve keepers through the aluminum retainer and dropping the valve in the motor. Also - the bottom of the stock retainer will contact the valve stem seal at about .380" cam lift. Removing material from the bottom of the stock aluminum retainer will only further weaken the stock retainer. APE retainers are .030 shorter than stock. For cam lifts over .410" you nust use APE short valve guides.

These titanium retainers must be used with heavy duty valve springs, sold separately.

When it comes to heavy duty fasteners, valve train and cylinder head components, APE products are the benchmark for performance and quality.

APE Titanium Valve Spring Retainers fits the following vehicle(s):

  • 2008 Suzuki GSX1300BK
  • 1999 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2000 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2001 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2002 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2003 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2004 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2005 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2006 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2007 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2008 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2009 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2010 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2011 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2012 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2013 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2014 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2015 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2016 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2017 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2018 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2019 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2020 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2021 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2022 Suzuki GSX1300R
  • 2023 Suzuki GSX1300R
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